Pushing Up

General / 06 April 2021

I've been doing some push ups for the last couple of weeks. More like inclined push ups. When I started I could only do five in-a-row, but now, I am doing 20. I've just been adding 1 more push per day and only take a day off if I am extremely sore or tired. Started doing reverse rows as well. I could only do one, but yesterday I did 12.

Weird side-effect of this regime is that I have lost 7 pounds.

The Struggle is Real

General / 26 February 2021

For 20 years I have been working as a graphic designer and website developer. And for 20 years I have let my health go extremely bad. I have put on 50 pounds of unwanted weight over those years.

So now that I have lost my job due to Covid-19, I have plenty of time to read, draw, and now exercise to get back into shape. But I’ve gotta be honest, it’s hard as hell. I can barely walk without my knees aching all night.

The wife and kids bought me a dog to go on walks so I can stay motivated, so far I can report that it’s working. Ben and I have been walking one mile per day for two weeks now. I haven’t lost any weight, but my heart rate has gone down, and my breathing has improved. So that’s good.

Art Mediums

General / 23 February 2021

My favorite Art Mediums

Here is just a quick list of art mediums that I really enjoy working in.

  • Digital (iPad)
  • Ink (Micron pens)
  • Watercolors
  • Pencil

I’m a firm believer in switching up what mediums you use from time-to-time. It keeps me from burning out on one style, and then when I go back to a former medium I seem to improve more.